In Angie's blog post today, Lisa wondered how people are wearing skirts casually. I consider skirts and shorts to be on either end of a casual spectrum, for my summer style at least.

I've attached some examples of my shorts -- again, mid-to-longer lengths, and not dressy. They get worn with sneakers and sandals, plus a variety of tops.

And then some examples of my summer skirts. Longer midi lengths, and generally lighter fabrications. I dress them down with tees and flat or platform sandals or sneakers. A little more dressed up than the shorts, when I'm in the mood to look a little nicer to be out and about.

I don't really think of shorts and skirts to be 100% interchangeable, but I can dress up the shorts a little bit (say with a top that's a little more polished than a simple cotton tee) or dress down the skirts a little bit (by wearing them with the aforementioned tee), depending on where I'm going and what I'm doing.