Looking back on my goals, it all seems a bit laughable now because there was a focused on being more polished. Even though I still dress for WFH each day, I'm not so interested in being polished. Today, I just learned I will be home AT LEAST through Labor Day (and I suspect longer, especially if I've given a choice). Good thing I ordered a new desk chair, since the old one wouldn't adjust anymore and I needed it to...

Here are the old goals for 2020 with brief comments:

I should strive for each wardrobe item to be at least an 8 out of 10, if possible. Yes, I've kept this in mind when buying. Not sure I hit the mark every time but it's been my guiding principle.

Wear my accessories more, especially jewelry. NOPE. Accessorizing has fallen by the wayside, except for my new collection of headbands, which I am using to wrangle my COVID hair for vcons. Removing this goal.

I'd like to wear makeup more. NOPE. Not bothering with this, not even for vcons. Removing this goal too.

Continue to judiciously add non-skinny bottoms
- Yes, and in fact I now want to edit most of my skinny bottoms out, though I have held off on eradicating them completely since I still have some tops that are better with them. I have had success adding wider bottoms and a few other non-skinnies, and I will continue because I am not about constricting clothes right now.

Don't beat myself up - This was about my preferences for maximalism and shopping, but I feel it applies more broadly now and so I will keep it in. I think I have been good about it.

New Goals
Comfort is key, but make it cute - The comfort half speaks for itself, but I still want to look cute because I like to. I have learned lately that I definitely dress for myself, since I'm still putting clothes on at home. I show them to you all, of course, but after the fact. My husband thinks I am cute no matter what, and doesn't notice many specifics about what I wear.

Focus on fabric - I have been doing this already, but I want to focus on natural fibers where possible, especially for our humid summers. I just had two viscose items shrink, even after cold laundering and air drying. I will try to avoid adding more and whatever remaining ones I have will be hand washed or sent to the dry cleaner. Rayon seems to take to the cold machine wash okay. It's bad enough that I feel I have to air dry most of my summer garments already, which is hard in the space I have available. Hand washing or dry cleaning a bunch of garments on top of that is beyond the pale, for me.

Focus on getting those items that aren't 8's or higher out of my wardrobe - I plan to move this year (who knows when though?). I will have more space for clothes undoubtedly, as space is the reason we are moving. We want our forever home and own too much stuff (not just clothes - books and games and cooking implements). However, it's a good chance to bring only the best stuff along with me. I have a clothing donation bin in the basement so I can continue to cull, even now.

On a related note, I am wondering if I should cull most plain business-type clothes, since I don't dress like that even in the office. This includes dressy skinny black pants and a plain black pencil skirt, but since the items fit well and are in great shape I have been reluctant to part with them even though they're not my current preferred silhouette. Given how my org has been so great during the pandemic, and the fact that jobs are scarce anyway, I don't see me interviewing for another job any time soon! There's always that voice in the back of my head saying that women are supposed to hold on to a business-appropriate capsule, but I also see that advice as outdated and not applicable to my life. Anyway, I have non-skinny black trousers I will keep and can wear in a more formal setting. Aside from the business black items, this category also includes a Boden pencil skirt (see finds) in a beautiful pattern. Honestly pencil skirts aren't the most comfortable items on me anyway and certainly not something I'd wear at home right now. So pretty, though I know some of you have wrestled with similar questions - where have you all landed?