Companies in the fashion industry are helping our heroic healthcare professionals on the front lines. After all, it’s the world’s top priority, and every available resource helps. Personally, I feel good supporting companies that are making a difference during the pandemic. It gives new meaning to ethical fashion. 

Here are the examples I know about:

Nordstrom is sewing more than 100,000 face masks for healthcare workers.

Boden is partnering with British charity Helpforce by donating their lovely clothing to front-line healthcare workers and recovering COVID-19 patients who might need them.

Karen Kane, who we have visited in California and hold in very high regard, is also making and donating facial covers. I LOVE their message. 

Help us help our heroes. Karen Kane is donating facial covers made from repurposed fabric to healthcare workers on the frontline of COVID-19. We are also offering these for sale on to continue paying our cutters and sewers while we pause the production of our clothing. We will match every face cover purchased with a donation to a healthcare worker in need. We will not make any profit on these – our only goal is to keep our workers employed and do everything we can to help healthcare professionals in need. We’re all in this together. Please share this with anyone who needs a face cover or wants to help donate to healthcare workers on the frontline. Purchase quantity limited to 3 per order.” 

We have purchased their facial masks, which will arrive next week.

Karen Kane Masks

Citizens of Humanity are producing masks too.

Brooks Brothers is converting a suit factory into a medical supply producer. They are hoping to produce 150,000 masks a day.

Gap, Eddie Bauer, Uniqlo, Vera Bradley, Reformation, Zara, and Canada Goose are transforming their workshops into production centres for masks, scrubs and more core products to fight the Coronavirus.

Under Armour is producing masks and fanny packs for healthcare workers.

Allbirds, Brooks, and Crocs are giving away their very comfy footwear to all healthcare workers.

Many fashion brands across the spectrum, from Burberry, LVMH, Christian Siriano and Prada, to H&M and Mango, are doing their bit to help prevent and cope with the spread of COVID-19.

This list is by no means exhaustive. Please add other examples you know about below in the comments. Thank you to everyone in the industry who is pitching in.