If you have dry and sensitive skin like me, I can highly recommend these moisturizers. Some of them I’ve been using for decades, and others more recently. I am very prone to rashes and dry tight skin, so I have to moisturize a LOT. These products have been incredible at keeping my skin soft, supple, smooth, rash and flake-free, and shiny. 

1. EltaMD Intense Face Moisturizer

Wow, this is an excellent facial moisturizer for dry and sensitive skin. It’s greasy at first, but absorbs beautifully. You don’t think it’s going to absorb – but it does, and quite quickly. If you have dry skin you will feel a difference after a day’s use. I apply this to my face and neck twice a day. It’s scent-free.

2. Caudalie Vinosource Overnight Recovery Oil

This recovery oil is an extra product that I generally use at night. If my skin is very dry, I use it in the morning too. I apply it before the moisturizer because it allows for even better absorption of the oil and moisturizer that way. It’s not scent-free, yet very gentle on the nasal passages. It smells fresh rather than floral.

3. Cutemol Emollient Cream

Since our hands are extra dry from excessive washing these days, effective hand cream has become all important. Cutemol was recently recommended by one of our forum members and it WORKS. It’s more effective than my current favourite hand creams, so I’ve added it to the mix. It’s greasy but absorbs fast. It moisturizes your cuticles beautifully when you massage them, and lasts. It’s scent-free, and I use it several times a day.

4. NIVEA Intense Healing Body Lotion

I have tried many, many body lotions with varying success. I always come back to Nivea because it feels best, works best, lasts, is fast to apply, and smells nice. I’ve been using Nivea body lotion since I was a teen, and over the decades the texture of the lotions have improved tremendously. I apply body lotion once or twice a day after a shower, and like the fresh scent.

5. Blistex Silk & Shine Lip Balm

I use a range of lip balms, but when my lips are very chapped, Blistex is best. I like the “silk & shine” formula because it puts a little shine on your lips, which looks like lipgloss.The balm is slippery, which I quite like, but you might prefer a more matt balm. Polished and moisturizing. It’s scent-free.

The other fab thing about the first two facial moisturizers is how well they moisturize dry hands when you apply them. Handy!