It’s been years since we’ve seen shades of turquoise make a fashionable comeback. From blue shades to greener hues, turquoise reminds me of the poolside, beach, Mediterranean sea, Southwest jewellery, and Tiffany’s. There’s a shade of turquoise for everyone, so take your pick. 

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Many of my clients like to wear turquoise in the Spring and Summer with white, lilac, dark blue and emerald green. Some prefer to wear turquoise away from their face through items like handbags, shoes, rings, bracelets, or toenail polish.

Turquoise is one of my favourite colours, so I’m thrilled to see it back at retail. I’ll wear turquoise in all wardrobe items except jewellery, since I stick to solid gold and white pearls. When I wear turquoise in an outfit, I like to combine it with white, tomato red, shocking pink, watermelon, citron, navy and lime green. I prefer turquoise as a solid, but won’t say no to a pattern.

At the moment, I have ONE turquoise item in my wardrobe, and it’s a four year old Furla. That’s shocking for someone who loves to wear non-neutrals and turquoise. So I’ve been on the hunt to add turquoise to my wardrobe for a while.

At first, I thought I wanted a turquoise top, dress, skirt, jacket, coat, or pair of pants. I’m open to adding some of those items to my wardrobe eventually, but for the moment I’m getting my turquoise fix with a wig. It’s my wildcard purchase of the year, and an unexpected wardrobe workhorse.

Blue Wig - 1

Rainbow hair is extremely popular in Seattle, and I’ve been toying with the idea for a while. It’s trendy, different, dramatic, and another way I can incorporate happy colours into my style. This way I don’t need to commit to permanent turquoise hair, and to the time and expense of maintaining it. Since my short blonde hair grows slowly, it’s handy to have instant-long hair with vivid colour when the mood strikes me to switch things up. This styling technique works well when you’re an impatient mood dresser like I am. Coincidentally, my new wig complements my old Furla. Bonus.

Blue Wig - 2

Blue Wig - 3

Sam’s wearing a turquoise wig too. He needs a stylish disguise when he’s being a regular dude and not a superhero. Cascading blue locks that match his collars were the way to go. Playful, fabulous with earth tones, and alluring. The ladies are smitten, and playdates are aplenty. The power of statement hair is not to be underestimated.




Our new blue wigs work well in our homes in Seattle and Salt Lake City because the decors are rich with turquoise accents. I never thought it was important for my style to coordinate with our home decor, but this level of matchy-matchy makes for a richer life, which is trendsetting in itself. 


Could food be the final colour coordination frontier? I’m thinking a cup of turquoise tea, with a nice piece of turquoise cake, because, why not!