Blue, green, pink and purple hair has become quite the fashion statement. Although fringe, it’s definitely gaining popularity, especially in the form of “easier to wear” streaks as opposed to a full-on mop of long rainbow locks. I don’t want to sport rainbow hair, but I like looking at it on others because I enjoy the creative expression. It’s fun, daring, modern, visually shocking in neon shades, and can become the focal point of a person’s style. 

I’ve pinned rainbow hair across a variety of styles and colours that have inspired me in some way. Take a peek: 

Maintaining the brilliance of rainbow hair is hard because the colour fades, and the dye can run onto your clothing and bed linen. Furthermore, wearing rainbow hair in conservative office environments and across certain professions is risky because it can be perceived as inappropriate and unprofessional. 

A few years ago, I was close to adding a bright blue streak to my short blonde hair. But I decided against it because it would make my style too maximal when wearing colours and patterns. And since I strive towards a minimal style, my already two- toned hair, light and dark blonde, is enough for me. 

Over to you. Do you like the look of rainbow hair? Would you consider dying your hair blue, green, pink or purple? If not, why not? If rainbow hair is not your thing, can you appreciate the look on others?

Rainbow Hair