It’s 2019 and leggings have become a classic, like skinny jeans. Black leggings are THE bottom on women at the airport, and I see woman across all ages wear them as workout wear and casual wear. They are ubiquitous, worn as leggings under dresses and tunics, as jeans or pants with all sorts of tops, and creatively layered under shorts, skirts, dungarees and culottes.

Leggings were big in the ‘80s. They disappeared for a couple of decades and resurfaced in the mid noughties. They returned more as pantyhose than yoga pants. The idea was to wear them as an accessory under butt and thigh-covering clothing because they were constructed more like hosiery than pants, with a gusset and often transparent.

Over the years, leggings have evolved to become substantial, thick and opaque. These days, thanks to the oh-so-popular Athleisure trend, wearing thick leggings as pants is a 100% acceptable look. It’s not a faux pas to wear thick leggings with just about any length of top. From crop tops, sweatshirts, blouses, tees and hip-length tops, to butt-and-crotch covering tunics and midi dresses.

My eye has adjusted to thick leggings worn with shorter tops. It’s not a look that I wear, but I’m a solid yay for others as long as the leggings are thick. The more modest version is to wear thick leggings with tunics and dresses, and I’m a yay for that too. Or you can wear see-through leggings as hosiery under another bottom like a skirt, midi dress, shorts or culottes.

Apart from for hot yoga, I do not wear leggings. Athleisure is not my thing and I don’t like the feel of thick leggings. I don’t wear them under dresses, but do wear pants like skinny jeans and cropped flares under dresses. I also wear hosiery style leggings under skirts and longer dresses because I enjoy wearing pantyhose.

Eloquii Miracle Flawless Button Detail Legging

Over to you. Can leggings be worn as pants, and how do you wear them? Last year on the forum there was a five page discussion on the topic, and it is well worth a read.