A “spidey sense” is an extraordinary ability to sense imminent danger. Your style spidey sense (or SSS for short), on the other hand, is your ability to detect a dangerous item or silhouette that will make you feel less than fab. 

For the last couple of years I’ve been developing my SSS with a very special mentor. Naturally stylish and with unparalleled intuition, my mentor has helped me to become a better fashion stylist to my clients, and better at creating my own wardrobe.

It helps that my mentor has a similar body type to mine. We share a slight frame, a long neck, short hair, a small head and narrow shoulders. As a result, our figure flattering priorities are in sync and we have a close mentor-mentee relationship.

We both need clothing with narrow fits and plenty of structure. I used to have to think hard about these factors, but now my SSS makes it easy. I have a supernatural ability to detect tops, toppers and dresses with structure around my shoulders, shoulder neck points, and neck. My SSS tingles whenever I pick up an item that has a wide neckline, sloppy shoulder line, or extremely oversized fit. It also sends me a warning alert when sleeves are too wide.

When I first started to develop my SSS it would buzz with alarm whenever it detected a remotely fluid fit. But with the help of my mentor I fine-tuned my SSS to detect items that have just enough structure

You too, can spend time with my mentor, Spider Sam, to develop your own style spidey sense. He’s generously offering free sessions today and for the rest of this week. We at YLF wish you a happy and peaceful Easter and Passover.

Couch Patrol

Brown Couch

Rear View

Spider Hood

Hood Hair