A Bill Cunningham memoir, Everlane’s new underwear collection, more luxury labels going fur-free, and other news from the world of fashion in March.

Fun Fashion Quote

“It’s not recycling, it’s called wearing your clothes.” In this article on The Pool, Sali Hughes makes the case for not feeling pressured to buy a new dress or outfit for every special occasion in your life:

“I’ve bought only two items of clothing since Christmas and I’ve pledged to acquire no more dresses until autumn at the absolute earliest. This is partly a shifting change in priorities (there comes a time in one’s life when a boiling-water Quooker tap is a more desirable luxury than a pair of posh stilettos), but mainly because I have a wardrobe full of clothes that I love and I feel more inclined to wear what I already own than I do to chase disposable trends, spend precious cash and contribute needlessly to landfill. Wearing things to death isn’t ‘recycling’, as the tabloids call it — it’s doing what we’re supposed to do. Besides, wearing a favourite dress is like meeting up with an old friend and remembering how fabulous their company makes you feel. It’s respecting and honouring what you have, feeling confident in your own skin and accepting that you don’t need to pay a premium to be good enough. You already are and so is your frock.”