Effective wardrobe capsules can be just as important for your pet as they are for you. It’s taken us almost two years to figure out what works best for our Yorkshire Terrier Sam’s body shape, active lifestyle, and our damp Seattle climate. If he wants to be taken seriously as a six-pounder, Sam has to dress the part. Together we’ve created a wardrobe that expresses his big personality, exceptional lust for adventure, unending curiosity, fearless strength, and very happy disposition.

Comfort is extremely important to Sam. He cannot tolerate stiff fabrics or fussy items. He’s happiest going au naturel, but that’s neither safe nor practical for daily activities. After trial and error and some soul searching, we’ve built a wonderful wardrobe that looks good and feels great. 

Sam’s wardrobe consists of essentials and statement items.

Wardrobe Essentials

Sam has a large collection of wardrobe essentials. He has a bold personality, so what might be a statement piece for any other dog can be a daily essential for Sam.

Collars: An assortment of happy colours complete with personalized name tag are worn year round. Two are made of recycled plastic bottles, which is Sam doing his bit for the environment. He’ll soon be adding colours like yellow and lime green to this category. 

Harnesses: Two harnesses in neutral tones and ultra soft breathable fabric complement his colourful collars and keep Sam comfortable on energetic walks.  

Fleece Jackets: It took us a LONG time to find the perfect essential topper for Sam, because his slender little body is hard to fit. The style had to be unfussy, and the fabric super soft. An assortment of warm and washable fleece jackets in brights and navy turned out to be ideal. Sam wears them out on a walk for six months of the year because he feels the cold more than large dogs with thicker fur. He has two in navy to match Greg’s outerwear. Duplication for the win.

Leads: Two leads in softer colours work well with the brights of the collars and jackets. 

Sam has an affinity for colour mixing, so he combines all the leads, harnesses and fleece jackets. He can also create a matchy-matchy look with striped collar, turquoise jacket and turquoise lead. 

Statement Holiday Capsule 

Sam is slowly but surely building his holiday capsule. He’s not overly fond of his striped hoodie from the Gap because it’s a bit high on the fussiness factor. Bandanas and ties that make a simple and comfortable statement are best. 

Statement SuperBowl Capsule 

Sam is a Seattle Seahawks fan and enjoys showing his support during NFL season. He likes his Seahawks collar and bandana best, and is lucky to look awfully dashing in navy. Festive and fun. 

Statement Super Hero Capsule

Sam spends a lot of time guarding, defending and protecting the Cox Castle as BatSam or SuperSam. For this line of work, which he takes VERY seriously, Sam needs indestructible outfits that mean business. These powerful statement looks speak for themselves.

Here is Sam’s complete wardrobe as a collection.

And here are some pictures of him today in stylish action.