High-rise jeans and pants are the new normal in fashion. The point is to showcase the length of the high rise by wearing tucked and semi-tucked tops, or wearing untucked cropped sweaters. 

Cropped sweaters can be very short and midriff baring, which are hard to wear unless you’re confident exposing most of the midsection. A slightly longer cropped sweater with a fluid fit and tapered welt is a much easier silhouette to wear because it covers and camouflages most of the midsection, while exposing the rise of the bottoms. The sweater is sufficiently short to be worn over a high rise without covering it up. The welt on the hem of the top tapers the garment and gives it structure.

Cropped welted sweaters can be fluid or very fluid. Some are shorter, and some are longer, creating a blouson effect. Most are long-sleeved because they’re meant for cooler weather, but versions for warmer weather will pop up soon. This collection shows an assortment of cropped welted sweaters.

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1. With High-Rise Pants

Here the cropped welted sweater is pulled far up the waist to make it look even shorter. But you can pull it down a little over the waistband and achieve the same blouson effect while showcasing most of the high rise WITHOUT the tuck or semi-tuck. Unless you wear a camisole, you might expose a little skin when you bend over or reach up high, and you’ll need to be okay with that.

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2. With a Flared Skirt

Cropped welted sweaters work extremely well with flared skirts that usually need a tucked or semi-tucked top to create flattering proportions. The tapered welt does a magical job of adding structure to the outfit because it hints at a waistline. The cropped length of the sweater adds further structure and lengthens the leg line. The high yet open boat neckline here works well on the model’s larger bust and shorter neck. Cropped welted sweaters look great with pencil skirts too.

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