The term “Mom jeans” makes me cringe because it makes a generalization about moms and what they wear. These so-called mom jeans were thought of as dowdy, unattractive and unflattering for the longest time. But silhouettes and combinations are frumpy right up until they’re fashionable. And now, the very same fashion industry that judged the silhouette unfashionable is putting it on a pedestal. Mom jeans are currently very trendy and hip. Fashion can be very fickle so laugh a lot, and don’t take it too seriously.

Mom jeans are an ‘80s inspired silhouette. Sometimes they’re described as high-rise ankle jeans or high-rise classic jeans. They are very high in the rise, fitted on the waist, hips and bottom, have ease through the thighs, taper to the hem, and are cropped in length (about two inches above the ankle bone.) They are not boyfriend jeans because the waistband of mom jeans finishes on the natural waist in line with the belly button, and the crotch point is in the regular position. The ease through the thighs varies depending on the fit. Slightly tapered hem widths are not skintight and can be rolled to create shorter lengths. The collection below shows a good assortment of mom jeans silhouettes.

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What I like best about the mom jeans trend is that it has thrown yet another look into the melting pot of fashion. This reinforces the notion that there’s no such thing as a fad, that items take a long time to date, and that almost anything goes. The power lies with us and not the fashion industry, as we pick and choose from the vast assortment of silhouettes that is today’s fashion.

This is how I see the good and not-so-good of the mom jeans trend:

The Good

  • It’s a good fit on a curvy body type with a narrow waist and fuller hips and thighs
  • It’s a fabulous fit on a long rise and regular-to-long waist
  • It showcases the waist and adds structure to an outfit, thereby creating conventionally flattering proportions
  • It showcases the curves of your bottom
  • The high-rise and tailored fit is comfortable and girdling
  • The silhouette looks fresh in a sea of sausage-casing skinnies
  • It’s a trendy look and a fun flashback to the glorious ‘80s

The Not-So-Good

  • It’s not the best fit for a short rise and short waist
  • The point is to tuck or semi-tuck tops to showcase the rise and midsection, which might be an area you prefer to conceal
  • High rises can be uncomfortable on the midsection and accentuate the bulge on the belly, especially when seated
  • It’s not very streamlined on the thighs, despite the ease in fit
  • It can create a wedgie
  • The past stigma of the style might be too strong for you

I like the mom jeans trend for a few reasons. I enjoy showcasing my waist with a full or semi-tuck. I adore ‘80s fashion, and feel that the silhouette looks fresh and Modern Retro. I’m also sick of stretchy, tight jeggings and would much rather wear mom jeans.

I’m set for jeans for Spring and Summer, but I’ll look for a pair in the Autumn. I’ll need to be careful with the length of the rise because although I have a regular length waist, I am relatively short in the rise. I’ll have fun finding the perfect pair.

Over to you. What do you think of mom jeans, and will you wear the trend?

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