Pale pink clothing is an acquired taste. Personally, pale pink is one of favourite pastels, along with light blue. I find it very versatile, and quite “neutral”. It works with sour brights, earth tones, jewel tones, dark neutrals and light neutrals, so take your pick. Pale pink is soft, sensual and pretty visually, and can work beautifully in a hard edged look too. That’s why pale pink makes sense as a coat. Years ago, I had a classic pale pink wool coat that I wore into the ground. I’m on the look out for another because I’d wear it into the ground again.

There are countless ways to incorporate a pale pink coat into outfits, and you don’t need to wait till Spring to sport it. Wear a pale pink coat in Autumn and Winter because why the heck not! Here are four easy ways to wear a pale pink coat to get you started.

1. Casual and Comfy Grace

Combine a pair of blue jeans with a burgundy printed or solid blouse or sweater. Add white sneakers or another type of casual shoe, and top it off with a pale pink coat. Feel free to wear burgundy, tan or blush footwear instead of white.

RACHEL Rachel Roy Wubby Jacket 1

2. Trendy Hard Edge

Combine cropped black pants or jeans with a top in a shade of white. Add trendy black boots or oxfords, and top things off with a pale pink coat. The black bag picks up the black in the rest of the outfit, and adds the hard edge. The white adds a crisp touch. Perhaps you’d like to wear a column of black under the pink coat, and add statement jewellery or belt hardware for textural interest. Personally, I’d throw in white boots and bag that match the white top.

NANUSHKA Alamo Robe Coat

3. Frocked and Sneaked

This is the easiest outfit formula of the four. Throw a pale pink coat over a dress and add sneakers or other footwear that works with the outfit. In this case, the dress is a burgundy floral, but you can wear any colour or pattern that you think works with pale pink. Add hosiery for warmth.

RACHEL Rachel Roy Wubby Jacket

4. Business Casual

Combine a black skirt with a grey top. Finish off the look with black footwear, a pale pink coat, and a bag that works with the palette of the outfit. This is my favourite of the four combinations because it’s dressy, pretty, and exudes a retro, modern and relaxed elegance. The grey pullover is a comfy and casual pairing with the voluminous midi. The pale pink coat screams dressy glam. I love that the model was styled with dressy black flats instead of heels. Feel free to add sheer black or nude-for-you hose for warmth. Add jewellery, eyewear, head gear and watch as desired.

Kate Spade Faux Fur Trim Coat