I’m a bit obsessed with keeping my lips moist so I use a lot of lip balm. I also apply lip balm before applying lipstick because I like the texture and dulled effect of the lipstick. I have lip balm stashed away all over the house, in my bag, and in the car so that I can moisturize at any time. 

I used to be a loyal Labello lip balm user because I found it the most moisturizing and long-lasting. But a friend recently gifted me with Hurraw’s lip balm, and now I like that better. It’s even more moist, lasts forever, and I like the sheen on my lips. It turns out that my friend saw the Hurraw lip balm in an “earl grey” scent and thought of me, since I’m a tea pot and Earl Grey is my favourite tea. It’s always nice to be thought of and surprised.

I later learned that Hurraw lip balm is made of organic ingredients, vegan, and cruelty-free. Even better. It comes in a slew of scents that are extremely subtle. There’s an unscented option if that’s your preference. What’s your favourite lip balm?