The neutral metallics that you choose through jewellery, watches, hardware, footwear, handbags, clothing, make-up and nail polish create a finishing touch to your style. They are the “shine” component of the four variables that make an outfit interesting: colour, pattern, texture and shine. Their effect is either warm, cool, or somewhere in between. Yellow gold is a warm metal, whereas shades of silver and platinum are cool. Metals like pewter, bronze and rose gold straddle the line between the two. Most metals are shiny, although matte metals have their place.

Traditionally, those who look best in cool colours prefer wearing silver and platinum because it complements their skin tone. Those who look best in warm colours tend to prefer wearing yellow gold. These days though, it’s extremely common to have a mixed metal style, and there is less emphasis on what is thought of as flattering. It’s modern and trendy to have both gold and silver represented in your style, worn either separately or mixed together in an outfit.

Choosing a metal for jewellery and watches is particularly important because you usually wear the pieces daily, for many years, and right up against your skin. You might find that you’re more flexible about the metals that you sport elsewhere in the outfit because you wear those items less frequently.

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Generally my friends, family and clients bat for Team Silver & Platinum, although Team Mixed Metals gives it a run for its money. Most will wear pewter because it bats for both teams. Rose gold and bronze are less common.

I staunchly bat for Team Yellow Gold because it’s warm and looks better against my skin. I also like its yellow glow because I love yellow. I am more traditional in this respect, preferring not to mix metals in outfits because I like the visual effect of a uniform metal.

I am trying not to purchase new items in cool-toned hardware, although it’s tricky. One of the reasons I love my family of Furla handbags is because of the gorgeous gold hardware. I do have a white gold wedding ring that I match with two fun silver watches. I also have two pairs of silver shoes, a clutch, silver zippers on a favourite pair of jeans, and silver hardware on my riding boots. I very rarely wear the silver items, except for the jeans and riding boots. I can’t pass on the silver shoes because they are very comfortable.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Silver & Platinum, Team Yellow Gold, Team Rose Gold, Team Bronze, Team Pewter or Team Mixed Metals? Tell us why and feel free to bat for many teams. Do you mix metals in one outfit?