Today’s post brings up something I’ve known for a while that i need to address: metallic clothing. I like it, I buy it, and then I rarely wear it. Passing it on feels like giving up part of a dream. Prime examples are bronze and gold lurex tank tops. They were probably intended to be part of very dressy looks. I’d like to work out outfits where they provide an edgy bite, but when I try, I generally feel they look like I’m a Try Hard, which is the last way I’d ever want to come across in anything.

1. A formal in college. I don’t think I have any of those pieces any more, except the necklace, which is still a favorite.

3 is the placket of a blouse worn with 2, and tall black boots, opaque black hose, and a black peplum jacket. I think I would wear this again, perhaps with a different jacket, if the occasion arose. This may well happen with upcoming changes in my life.

4. Worn under a suit occasionally back in the day. It’s a much nicer blouse than its awkward positioning here makes it out to be, but is probably too “poofy” for me to wear now.

5. Never worn, primarily for lack of occasion, but also for lack of guts. Probably entirely passé now. Sorry the site software turned it sideways—don’t think I can fix it now.

6. Gold tank top/shell.

Not pictured: lurex bronze shell just like the gold one, second gold one that does not have weird purple stains. I always feel I should wear them with browns and tans that don’t work well for me, or black, which feels too .... formal? Harsh? I’m not sure what, but it doesn’t feel good.

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