The stereotypes around colour preferences go something like this: Introverts tend to prefer neutrals, low-contrast colour combinations, muted tones, and subtle patterns. Extroverts also like neutrals, but they combine them with bright colours, bold and high-contrast colour combinations, and loud patterns. Or they simply wear non-neutrals from head to toe.

In our household, we fit the stereotypes. I’m the extrovert who enjoys wearing bright colours, bold patterns and high-contrast outfits because they lift my spirits and make me happy. To me, brights feel just as right and soothing as neutrals. Greg, on the other hand, is more of an introvert and enjoys wearing dark neutrals. Most of his wardrobe is black, ink blue, navy, deep olive and charcoal. The exception is footwear. He often makes a statement with red sneakers.

In my experience as a fashion stylist, the stereotypes are not very accurate. I have plenty of introverted friends, family members, and clients who enjoy bright colours, bold patterns, and high-contrast combinations. For example, my 85 year old, introverted Dad has worn red and orange knitwear, and bold checked shirts, for as long as I can remember. I also know extroverts with very neutral, low-contrast wardrobes.

Over to you. Do you fit or buck the colour and personality stereotypes?