Picking up on where Angie left off today - how does your personality type affect your wardrobe? I'm an ENFP on the Myers-Briggs system, an extroverted idealist who is driven by feeling and looks at everything as being full of possibilities. Once I realized this, it made my wardrobe preferences clear: I need a big wardrobe because I dress according to how I am feeling, which changes on the day. I see the possibilities in every wardrobe piece so I mix and match endlessly and have a hard time getting rid of wardrobe items. I look at shopping as an endless source of possibility and buy according to my moods and impulses, certain I can make it work into my lifestyle (Exhibit A: TWO tulle skirts!)

Now that I know this about myself, I can stop feeling bad about not having a minimalist capsule wardrobe or a too-big closet; it's just not who I am. I can see where my personality serves me and where it doesn't, and make conscious decisions to change or curtail what habits don't work.

Over to you - has your personality type (in any system) helped you in your wardrobe planning/shopping/wearing?