Back in July I shared my experimental shopping strategy of extreme shoe duplication. I bought four pairs of the same Spring and Summer shoe — a classic penny loafer across three colours. I bought the red first, white next, and blush after that. Right away, I wore the white very frequently and duplicated that colour so I’d have a brand new pair waiting in the wings for next Spring.

With three pairs of the exact same shoe in rotation, I ran the risk of making one or even two of the colours orphans, or simply getting bored of the style. I’m pleased to report that my experiment was a success. These modern classic loafers saved my Summer feet, and to some extent my Summer style. I wore them most days, with everything from jeans, cropped flares, and cropped straights, to culottes, utility pants, skirts and dresses. They were smart casual, structured, polished, versatile and heavenly on my feet. Refined, client-appropriate, and perfect for Summer travel.

I felt put together when these loafers finished off an outfit, especially because I built scarf and bag complements around them.

I wore the white loafers most frequently, which makes sense because closed white shoes are a Summer wardrobe essential for my style. To my surprise, I reached for the blush a little more often than the red. I liked the low contrast against my skin tone the further we got into Summer. I also loved them with white jeans. I wore the red more in Spring and late Summer, and with dark jeans.

I shan’t be wearing these loafers again till the Spring. Hopefully, they will feel just as comfortable next year as they did this year, and I will love them just as much.