I refreshed my Spring and Summer scarf capsule because along with chunky pearl necklaces, I’ve chosen scarves as my statement accessory this year. Here’s a collection of my current Spring and Summer scarf collection, with the exact items from my wardrobe. 

Apart from the neckerchief, all my scarves are working wonderfully well. I’m not into the neckerchief trend as much as I thought I would be, and have made peace with the fact that it was a failed $13 experiment. I simply prefer the elegant drape and drama of a full, oblong scarf that I can tie in a few favourite ways. Some of the scarves are made of wool and polyester blends, but most are cotton-rich, super soft, and quite gauzy.

I prefer patterned scarves because they pack a punch. This year I fancied styles with tassels because they create a tropical vibe, and add subtle texture to an outfit. I am very particular about the colours and patterns of the scarves that eventually earn a place in my wardrobe. I have to love the pattern and colours, and the colours have to work with the palette of my wardrobe. It helps that I am consistently drawn to the same colours, so scarves are generally a good match with what’s hanging in my closet. 

It’s extremely important to make sure that you like the placement of the colours and the way the pattern falls after the scarf is tied because it can look very different from when it’s folded or spread out on display in a single layer. Sometimes, the parts of the pattern that you liked best are covered once it’s tied. Make sure you tie it before you commit!

Here are four ways I like to combine my Spring & Summer scarves in outfits. The collections show the exact items from my wardrobe. The colours might look off in the pictures, but they work well in real life. 

The Complement

A scarf that matches the colour of a pair of shoes and bag creates a cohesive complement that can effectively pull together an outfit. Feel free to create a complement with eyewear. Use the complement as a styling tool to add pizzazz to all sorts of top and bottom combinations. Works with dresses too. It’s an especially useful styling tool when incorporating non-neutral footwear into a look. 

Tomato Complement

Citron Complement

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Apple Green Complement

Blush Complement

White Complement

Tonal Harmony 

I like to create a tonal palette by wearing my scarves with a top or jacket that is the same colour as the dominant colour in the scarf. Here are some examples. Tomato on tomato, blush on blush, white on white, and apple green on apple green: 

Matchy-Matchy Fabness

This is a harder combination to put together because you have to find a patterned scarf in exactly the same pattern as a top. I only have one of these combinations at the moment, and I LOVE it. It feels Modern Retro, unique, and fun. I add my pearls too. In fact, I will wear my pearls with a scarf very regularly. 

Pattern Mix 

And last, I like to pattern mix stripes with florals. My bright scarf works well with all my Spring Summer stripes. Modern Classic and flop proof.