A warm weather scarf is different to a cold weather scarf. It’s lightweight, and usually quite sheer and gauzy. It’s made of cotton, silk, linen, rayon, viscose, polyester, acrylic, or blends of these fabrics. Spring and Summer scarves come in a variety of shapes, from the usual large oblong shape, to square, long and skinny, and neckerchief shapes. 

Scarves have a high longevity factor, and everyone can wear them. You simply have to choose the sizes and colours that work with your style, and know how to tie and style them. Scarves can become part of your signature style, or you can move between scarf wearing phases. 

There are six reasons I think Spring and Summer scarves are fabulous. Some reasons more practical, and some more about aesthetics. 

1. Insulation on a Chilly Day

Spring weather can be cold and wet. A large oblong Spring scarf that’s wrapped around the neck a couple of times insulates the neck and chest very effectively. In the Netherlands, men and women wear Spring scarves daily to break the wind as they commute on foot or bike. I am never without a couple of scarves when I visit my Dad in the Netherlands. 

When it’s a mild Spring or Summer day, a large warm weather scarf is all the insulation you need over a blouse or tee to feel just right. The scarf takes the place of a topper, and can also be great insulation in air conditioning. 

2. Protection on a Sunny Day

In the hottest parts of the world, people cover their bodies in breezy fabrics to stay cool and prevent sun exposure. A scarf that is draped around the neck and shoulders protects you from the sun, especially when you’re wearing something sleeveless and low cut. Cotton and silk scarves can also be cooling and soothing against the skin. 

3. Adding Interest to an Outfit

A scarf can be an effective statement piece, colour vehicle, or a way to add pattern to your outfit. Scarves might be the only way you add non-neutrals, patterns, or boldness to your style. Scarves that are styled tonally in an outfit can provide fabulous texture and depth to a look. 

4. Pulling an Outfit Together  

A Spring and Summer scarf can be one component of an accessory complement that combines non-neutral footwear, scarf and bag. For example, if you are wearing a pair of non-neutral shoes, adding a scarf that picks up the colour of the shoes can be a flop-proof way to pull the outfit together. 

5. Creating a Maximal Effect 

Adding a scarf to an outfit is an easy way to add drama to your look, especially when you wear bold scarves, or pattern mix a patterned scarf with other patterns in an outfit. You can also wear bold scarves with bold necklaces, and layer scarves over jackets like wraps. 

6. Modern Classic or Modern Retro Appeal

Scarves have a timeless quality about them. Iconic scarf looks of the ’50s, ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s look as stylish today as they did back then. Scarves transcend the trends, making them a magical accessory.

I used to love wearing Spring and Summer scarves, but went off wearing them when my look was much simpler. I slowly added them back into my style last year, and have been wearing them A LOT this Spring. I plan to wear gauzy, crisp scarves through the rest of Spring and Summer because I’ve fallen back in love with the accessory for all the reasons above. 

I’m very specific about the types of Spring and Summer scarves I like to wear, and how I like to wear them, which I’ll cover in another post. In the meantime, here are some Spring and Summer scarf outfits that I thought were fab. Perhaps they will inspire you to shop your closet for similar looks, or to start looking for a scarf or two to complement your wardrobe.

BALENCIAGA Souvenir De Paris Printed Modal and Silk-blend ScarfGUCCI Flora Snake Printed Silk-twill Scarf

BALENCIAGA Printed Silk-jacquard ScarfMISSONI Striped Crochet-knit Scarf