Angie's post was timely, as my scarf collection is meager at the moment.

Lately, I've considered looking at museum gift stores as a potential source of scarves. For a long time, gift-store scarves did not appeal to me, because I associated them with 7th-grade quiz images badly printed on cheap silk or polyester. I'm very picky about the feel of anything that touches my neck. Not even all silk is tolerable, on a purely sensory level. Aquaintances who had received gift-shop scarves as presents often re-gifted them to me, since they thought of me as someone who wore scarves. But since coming across a few truly lovely scarves in or from museum shops, I'm now taking this retail stone seriously.

Do you have any museum-sourced scarves? Are there any images you'd particularly like to have on a scarf?




I'm sad that museums of industry, science, automotive and so on often have only polyester scarves, if any at all.