With increasingly fussy feet, I’m down to wearing heels that are between half and one and a half inches. One inch heels are my favourite. My collection of two and two and a half inch pumps and booties are no longer wearable except as “sitting shoes”. Since I’m on the go most of the time, that won’t work. So I’m making footwear a purchasing priority this year. 

I’m taking it one retail season at a time and being very picky and extra careful about the shoes that earn a place in my closet. Thankfully, the trends are on my side at the moment, with flats being very fashionable. I also adore a stable low block heel. Comfortable, flat or low-heeled casual shoes aren’t that hard to find, but their dressy cousins are. With patience and the decision to duplicate to a level that was outside my comfort zone, I found what I needed. 

I prefer to wear closed-toe shoes in warm and hot weather for a myriad of reasons, which is why I had a moderate collection of higher heeled pumps and ankle strap pumps. They were perfect for working with clients, date night, events, and other social occasions. Now that I’ve said goodbye to wearing heels that high for client appointments and most social occasions, I needed a dressy flat substitute. Enter the Franco Sarto Jolette Penny Loafer. Sized down, they fit my low volume feet perfectly and are very comfortable. 

I bought the loafers in red because I was in the mood for red shoes. After road-testing them in Spring and loving them, I duplicated in white because my old white Paul Green loafers were finished. I travelled to see my Dad in the Netherlands with the white loafers, and they REALLY go the distance. I reach for them more than the red because white flats are a wardrobe essential for my style. The white scuffs more easily than the red, so they’ll look shabby faster. So a month ago, I decided to duplicate the white loafers so that I have a pristine pair ready to go next year.

Two weeks ago, I also decided to get a pair of the same loafers in blush because I’m enjoying my blush sneakers enormously (but can’t see clients in sneakers). This brings me to a grand total of THREE pairs of the same loafer in a range of colours that are in rotation at the same time, and a new pair of white in reserve for next year. 

This type of shoe duplication is new to me. I’ve duplicated a pair to have it in reserve for the next season fairly regularly, but haven’t duplicated the same style in different colours and worn them during the same season. I thought long and hard about the duplication because I don’t want to get bored of the style, or have orphaned colours, but so far it’s working out well. I’m reaching for them frequently because they work with most of my Spring and Summer outfits. They look good with cropped straight and flared jeans/pants, wide leg crops, shirt dresses, and patterned cigarette pants. They are perfect for client shopping days because they’re very comfortable AND dressy. I’m wearing them as a substitute for pumps. 

It helps that I’ve built accessory complements with the loafers, making them easy to incorporate into outfits. I thoroughly enjoy the look of a modern classic and refined penny loafer, so I’m not tiring of the style.

I tried to make the Gucci loafer work, but it’s too wide for my feet no matter what I did to doctor the style. I had a pair of white Salvatore Ferragamo loafers at one point, but the buckles fell off so I haven’t been keen to try them again. I feel lucky to have found the more affordable Franco Sarto Jolettes, because they create a similar vibe and are very versatile.

For me, this is extreme shoe duplication, and very much an experiment. I haven’t regretted duplicating a pair of comfortable shoes yet, so I’m hopeful that the strategy works. It does make things very easy, but whether I’m sick of loafers in four months or have an orphaned blush pair remains to be seen. I’ll update you at the beginning of Autumn. In the meantime, you can call me Loafer Gal, and I’m curious to hear about your footwear duplication strategies.