I asked our forum members — who represent a range of body types — to share their current favourite styles of shorts and their reasons for liking them. You’ll find the complete list here, and the highlights in the list below. 

The shorts in the list vary greatly in length, silhouette, fabric and colour. Some are athletic looking, some regularly casual, and some a little dressier. All tried and tested. Take your pick. 

  • Loft Watercolor Floral Riviera Shorts with 4 Inch Inseam: Great shorts for pear-shaped body types because they're looser on the thighs without looking like flared shorts. Great length on petites.
  • Ann Taylor Devin Mosaic Walking Shorts: Dressier shorts with a polished and crisp integrity. Works best on straighter hips and thighs, but can work for a slightly curvy frame too.
  • Gap Trekkie Short 2.0: Great shorts for narrower hips and thighs.
  • Lucky Brand Women's Denim Rollup Short: Denim shorts that work well on a short waist, smaller waistline, and wider hips and thighs. The cut is streamlined on the thighs, but not too clingy.
  • a.n.a Modern Fit Twill Bermuda Shorts: Sleek shorts that work for a curvy pear-shaped body type. The width is sufficiently tapered to streamline the curve of the body.
  • Loft Bermuda Roll Shorts: Fab longer length shorts for a straighter and moderately curvy bottom half. Wear them lower on the waist.
  • KUT from the Kloth 'Natalie' Twill Bermuda Shorts: Fab shorts for a straighter and moderately curvy bottom half. They are low in the rise, so best on a shorter waist. Sleek.
  • Ann Taylor Fluid Tie Waist Shorts: Fun shorts for a slim hourglass or pear-shaped body type with a defined waist. Roomy fit on the upper thighs. Excellent on those with a long rise. NOT good on apple-shaped body types and short waists.
  • NYDJ Briella Roll Cuff Stretch Denim Shorts: These work well on a range of body types, from curvy to straight, IF you like a high rise. Good for apple shapes and long waists. Size down. Read the rave reviews.
  • Banana Republic Denim Short: These shorts are longer in person, especially if you're short in the leg. Works well on curvier thighs because of the ease in the fit. They can be unrolled for extra length. Might need to size up.
  • Women's Levi's Cuffed Jean Bermuda Shorts: Slim fit bermuda shorts that work best for narrow thighs. Flattering and sharp in dark denim. Sleek.
  • Gap Trekkie Bermuda 2.0: Effective shorts for extra hot days because of lightweight absorbent fabric. Works quite well on curvier thighs. Size down for straighter thighs. Fab length if thigh coverage is a figure flattering priority. Tomboy.
  • Gap Girlfriend rolled utility shorts: These shorts work on most body types if you're prepared to wear them low on the waist and in a slouchier way. Very comfy on hot days. Very casual vibe. Curvy bodies size up.
  • Lululemon Loop Back Short: Shorts that work best for petite gals with athletic legs, who like to wear their shorts lower on the hips. The wide waistband is very comfortable and forgiving on the midsection.
  • J.Crew Factory Frankie short: Fab shorts for rectangle and apple-shaped body types because they're narrower on the legs and wider on the waist. Good length for tall gals.
  • J.Crew 7" stretch chino short: Dressier shorts that work well for a straighter hip and slightly curvier thigh because of a roomy leg fit. They come in shorter lengths.
  • Gap Linen Short: Fits a range of body types apart from very curvy thighs. Loose, lightweight and very comfortable. Wear them lower on the waist. Size down.
  • KUT from the Kloth Gidget Denim Shorts: Tailored shorts that work well on a shorter waist and on both curvier and straighter body types. Size up a size. Quite short so consider yourself warned.
  • Women's 9" Core Chino Shorts Black 16 - Merona™: Fab shorts for an inverted triangle, rectangle or apple-shaped body type with a straight waist and narrower hip. Length works well on petites despite looking longer in the photo.
  • Women's Gloria Vanderbilt Anita Belted Bermuda Shorts: Longer shorts that work well on a curvier bottom half. Lots of ease through the legs.
  • Vince 'Mason' Shorts: Substantial white shorts that are thick and structured. Not sheer at all. The length is longer in person. Works on a range of body types.
  • Loft Iris Fluid Drawstring Shorts: Excellent shorts for pear-shaped body types because they're fitted on the waist and have lots of ease through the thighs. Size down.
  • Loft Sunset Paisley Tie Waist Fluid Shorts: Fab shorts for those who need ease through the hips and thighs. Might need to size down.
  • Women's 5" Gingham Chino Shorts - Merona™ Tumble Green: Although these shorts are cut quite straight on the waist and hip, they have a little ease through the thighs, which makes them less likely to cling to the upper leg. Fun pattern.
  • Nike SWIM Chlorine-Resistant Boardshorts: An athletic and very lightweight pair of shorts that works on a straighter body type or slightly curvier one because the curved waistband moulds to the contour of the body. Very short.
  • Loft Sea Turtle Riviera Shorts with 6 Inch Inseam: The Riviera cut from the Loft is a good option for a "straighter cut on a curvier figure". It comes in a range of lengths and patterns. The longer length is better for Team Tall and Long Legs.

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