Red shoes are a classic, but they also look particularly fresh to my eye. Maybe that’s because they’re back on the fashion radar, or because my red shoe hiatus has made me long for them again. Absence can make the heart grow fonder. Either way, I’m in the mood for bright red shoes. 

Tomato red shoes are the first thing on my Spring shopping list for 2017. I used to have a pair of bright red shoes in my wardrobe both as a child and as an adult. But for the last several years, I focused on white, cream, gold and silver shoes and forgot how much I like bright red peds. Since my style has come back home I’ll be incorporating warm weather red shoes into my outfits. 

Here are some outfit ideas with bright red shoes. 

Flats with Cropped Flares

It’s great seeing fabulous outfits with flats because I’m less into wearing even low heels these days. Jeans, layering top, blazer and dressy accessories is a flop-proof outfit formula. The trendy jeans and blazer here are a fun juxtaposition with the classic bowed red flats. The leg line is kept long by shortening the length of the cropped jeans, and showcasing the high-rise waistband.

MIU MIU Bow-embellished Patent-leather Ballet Flats

Platforms with Shorts 

Casual red platform sandals look great with baggy shorts, abstract tee and clutch. Feel free to leave off the torso tie when your shoes do all the talking.

MIU MIU Satin Platform Sandals

Pumps with Dressed Up Denim 

Heeled red pumps with ankle straps or ties are a popular dressier choice because they work well with jeans, trousers, skirts and dresses. Add a dramatic, flirty top and dressy bag to jeans and a pretty pair of red pumps, and you’re good to go.

MIU MIU Lace-up Patent-leather Pumps

Sandals with Dresses

A versatile pair of red sandals works well with a frock. No need to wear heels if flats are your thing. Suede shoes are getting more popular for Summer, and good in a sandal style too. Extra comfortable, and texture-rich.

GIANVITO ROSSI Portofino Suede Sandals

Red shoes are versatile because they function like a neutral in your outfits when you have a high affinity for colour mixing. They’re highly effective and easy to incorporate when you have a predominantly black, white, blue and grey wardrobe, thereby adding another layer of interest. That said, I can’t think of a colour that doesn’t look good with bright red, so they’d be very versatile in my own colourful wardrobe too.

Feast your eyes on this large assortment of bright red Spring and Summer footwear. We’re talking about fire engine red, tomato and water melon reds, and not burgundy, bordeaux or wine reds. Sporting bright red shoes with a matching bag or belt is an easy way to pull together an outfit, but not essential. When you have bright red shoes – just wear them!

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