I'm going to make a statement with red shoes in Spring & Summer. I'M IN THE MOOD.

After much deliberation, I've ordered four styles. Low heels and flats. I haven't ordered the Stuart Weitzmans yet because they are more than I want to spend on a red Summer shoe - but will if the others don't work out.

Two of the styles have already come in and they're contenders. But I need them ALL to come in to decide. (I'll do an outfit creation session for Spring & Summer with the contenders to make sure they earn a place in my wardrobe).

I am not opposed to keeping a flat and heeled pair either - since this is going to be my thing this season. They MUST be the right shade of tomato red, and they MUST be very comfy - as in "shop with clients all day" and "walk around the Netherlands when I see my Dad all day" comfortable.

They'll be versatile in my wardrobe because I have a high affinity for colour mixing. To my eye, tomato red works with just about any colour.

Will keep you posted.