What a nice selection. The colour and style of Brianyah are especially pleasing to my eyes, and I love the thin ankle strap on Catherine Mid Heel.
The absolute winner, though, is your bag. Awesome, bright, with sturdy strap, perfect to wear on so many occasions - from sight-seeing, visiting a museum or a gallery to meeting friends in a restaurant or a cafe. Big enough for essentials, small enough to stay light and practical. Perfect.

I would probably choose Boden shoes to wear with it. They seem like the best match colour and style-wise.

PS: I just took a look at the Boden shoes on their website. What's up with the light stripe at the back? I really don't understand it.

I already own a pair of red sandals. I don't wear them as often as I'd like since they are not as comfy as some of my other summers shoes, but seeing all of your pretty red sandals makes me want to bring them out to play more often this summer.


Agreeing with Tisa here. I reckon the Boden pumps and the loafers are the best colour match for your bag? I like the Boden pumps with the thin strap for your style?
The SW are very dainty and I love them the most but have never paid that much for shoes. My highest ever was $350 for tall leather boots.

Wow- beautiful set of options to try. I see how versatile tomato red shoes can be, as well as how much fun you'll have in the right pair/s. May the comfortable foot fairy wave her magic wand on a pair or two for you. Look forward to seeing your choices.

Glad to hear the loafers are comfortable. I could use a new pair of summer loafers in white and I love the light blue, too. The reviews aren't showing on the Nordstrom site to gauge fit, but have had FS shoes in the past that fit. Loafers that work are tricky finds for lower volume feet with narrow heels, especially if your toes are long.

Red shoes are a possibility; I have to give it some thought for summer. I have 3 pairs of burgundy shoes, 2 are suede and they don't work in warm weather. Bright red has some appeal, especially with ink, white, navy and denims. Feels happy retro to me.

Red is best! Love them and hope you find your ideal pairs for different uses.

I'm definitely on board for red shoes this summer (or sandals). Just need to wait a bit. I usually do my footwear purchases for spring around March. At that point there are often still 2 months before I can wear them, alas! So I can take advantage of spring sales.

I'm going to jump aboard the red sandal wagon. Like Suz I need to wait a bit longer for more goodies to hit the store. Excited!

It's always fun shopping along with you Angie! Looking forward to seeing the winner.

Waiting for the Bodens. Impatiently, I might add. They're taking so long to come in!!!

I will be watching the red shoe WIW's before I decide if I want some. I have never been a huge fan of red so, even though I think all these are really pretty, I'm afraid I wouldn't wear them. I love your red bag too.

What a nice shoes! I vote for #11 and #9 and then for#5.

Jaime, ditto!

Cynthia, do NOT buy red shoes if you won’t wear them.

Lisa, YES. That’s the way to find the perfect item.

Sara, pretty new sandals.

Ginger, wearing the heck out of something makes me smile.

Cheryl, thanks for the heads up. (Odd since SW’s are often on the narrow side).

Tisa, I like the stripe!

Bella, life is too short to wear uncomfortable shoes.

Jenni, I’m open to getting a larger red bag - because you know, there is a shortage of bags in my closet.

Eliza, YES. I need a narrow fitting loafer usually.

Suz, look forward to seeing your red sandals. Good shopping strategy. LOVE your red boots.

Glory, good idea.

Colette, adore your new avatar.

Viva, HIGH FIVE. Me too.

RobinF, you’d look great in a blue red. Please give the colour a chance.

Mirjana, I’m sure you have red shoes too.

Oh those Boden Catherines make my heart go pitter pat. Love them!

I'm very interested to see how you like the ankle strap both in terms of style and comfort. I read somewhere that an ankle strap visually shortens the leg, so I've always steered clear.

They are all gorgeous and perfect for your style Angie. I feel a need for Bronze or Orange sandals this year.

I love all of them! I have red sneakers and flats from J Crew. They're work horses for me! I can't wait to see your outfits!

Zibbets, we can ALL wear ankle straps, and I have for four or five years. LOVE the silhouette. You might find this post interesting:


Style Fan, like the idea of orange sandals for you.

Lpr200, go Team Red Sneaks. Festive.

Angie I'm so tempted by those Franco sarto loafers. I haven't worn loafers in years because I had a hard time finding ones that stayed on and were not too high volume. But if you say these are comfy for you that gives me hope! Kind of a weird question but how high does the back come on your ankle? (I need a very low back because of my low volume heels, otherwise they cut in like crazy.)

Angie, ever since your red shoe post I've been obsessing over red shoes and sandals. I think a little pop of red with an otherwise neutral outfit might be just the thing.

So I finally ordered some red sandals. I'm sure they'll fit because I have them in other colors: Bernardo Maverick. I'm thinking about ordering these Dansko sandals, too, and then choose between them. The Danskos look like a darker red, though.

They're a really nice pair of shoes, so I'm glad to hear that you like the stripe. Hope they fit .

I've always been a fan of red shoes, and tend to have a pair for every season, although admittedly I don't always wear them a ton. I think it's time to change that. I'm lusting after the loafers, I can really see those with cropped jeans, for spring. I have also been considering the Clarks sandals from your blog post... I got them in navy last year (my navy hewi issue) and they became favourites quickly. Very comfortable. So I may duplicate.

Gorgeous shoes, Angie, especially those with the ankle straps.

The Boden heel and the loafers look to be the most tomato, but of course you can never tell online! I think your shoe shopping method is great, but I only order things I know I can take back to a local store, as I am terrible about shipping/post office. If there were a way to put my returns on my doorstep and be picked up by UPS, I would try it, but I'd probably be paranoid about someone stealing them, lol!

Can't wait to learn your final decisions! Ooh, your outfit creation session would be an incredible blog post. I remember when you used to photograph your outfits inside your home.

Oh lovely choices Angie. I'm drawn to all shoes with ankle straps - I can't keep anything slip-on on my feet.

JAileen, you crack me up. NICE.

Elizabeth, go for it.

Dana, thanks for your ongoing delightful attitude.

Caro, LOVE ankle straps with you. I hope the Bodens work out, because the Nine West went back.

Diana, I know what you mean. I TRIED to make the FS loafers work but my heels kept slipping out. I sized down a lot, and popped in lots of insoles. No luck, and so very nearly the perfect red loafer. Back they went.

Summer and Tisa, you are LOVELY as always.

Oh I hope the Boden shoes work out then. They are beautiful.

Thanks for letting me know about the loafer fit, Angie. Sounds like they probably will not work for my heels either. Too bad. I've never been able to size down on shoes to get a better heel fit, because then my toes get crushed. Anyway, if I see them in a store I might try them anyway, because you never know, but I don't think I'll bother to order them. I hope the Bodens work for you!