This is an easy outfit combination to pull together, even when you don’t wear black because you might have black footwear. And since olive is having its fashionable moment, you might have some olive in your wardrobe, or at least have tried it on in stores. 

I’ve been wearing my version of casual equestrian with casual clients by mixing up these exact items from my wardrobe. LOVING my tall boots tucked into jeans, and really missed wearing the vibe. Personally, I had to add a non-neutral to the palette because things felt too neutral. I threw in my citron and burgundy bags, plus pom-pom for fun, to make it feel right for me.

Think of any way to combine olive with black and cream. Olive and black is a popular and flop-proof combination. By adding cream, you create a lighter, crisper, prettier and softer visual effect, which may or may not be your cup of tea. It’s my sartorial preference because I steer clear of Hard Edge. If you don’t, skip the cream. Here are some renditions to get you started.

Ensemble: Olive, Black & Cream

Casual Equestrian

Combine a black, cream or olive pullover with a pair of skinny blue jeans. Tuck the jeans into tall black riding boots. Semi-tuck the top and add a black belt if you like. Feel free to wear a black and cream patterned top, or an olive pattern too. Add a cream scarf, pearls or pair of booties if you don’t have cream in your outfit yet. Top it off with an olive parka, and a bag that works with the palette.

Tunic & Bottoms

Combine an olive dress or tunic with olive pants or blue jeans. Top it off with a black cardigan, black or cream boots, and a cream scarf or pile of pearls. Or, combine a black and cream patterned top with black pants and add an olive topper or scarf. Make sure the footwear works with the hems of the bottoms, and finish things off with a bag that works with the palette.

You could also combine an olive dress with tall black boots or booties, and throw over a black or cream topper. Finish things off with cream accessories.