ExampleI stumbled across this outfit and thought it was a fab modern classic that looks awfully fresh at the moment. Combine FULL-LENGTH bootcuts or bell-bottoms with a denim shirt, dressy shoes, dressy bag and jewellery. Easy. 

The outfit on the model is dark, but you can add light denim or chambray to the mix, and throw in bright accessories too.

Here are the components of the ensemble:

Denim Shirt: A classic denim shirt is one way to go. If that’s not your thing, try a soft light blue chambray shirt, or a denim top that is not a shirt. Tuck, semi-tuck, or wear the top untucked. Scrunch long sleeves.

Bootcuts or Bell-bottoms: Choose a pair of full-length bootcuts or bell-bottoms in a denim or trouser fabrication. Bell-bottoms are more flared at the hems than bootcuts, but both styles are fitted on the hips and thighs, unlike wide legs that are wide from thigh to hem. Choose black, blue denim or white denim. Wearing the same blue denim wash on the top and bottom is an acquired taste, and totally fashionable. Make sure the hems are no shorter than a quarter of an inch off the ground WITH footwear. 

Footwear: Choose shoes that work with the bootcuts or bell-bottoms. Heels with pointy toe boxes are a good match because they peek out from under the hems in an effective way. Heel heights needn’t be high at all. An inch an a half will do just fine. 

Accessories: Finish off the look with a dressy bag in a neutral, colour or pattern. Add a belt and scarf if you like. Add jewellery, watch and eyewear as desired. 

Ensemble: Denim Shirt & Bootcuts or Bellbottoms

I can shop my closet for this ensemble a few times over, which you can see in the collection of items below. I can throw in an assortment of bags in neutrals and colours, and chunky white pearls too.