A style without heels is not a compromise. Flats and low heels are on trend and considered thoroughly modern and hip these days. I couldn’t be happier about fashion’s emphasis on practical footwear since I seldom find heels higher than an inch and a half comfortable. 

But it’s not a lack of foot comfort that prevents some of my clients from wearing heeled shoes. They simply feel too tall when wearing heels. They are uncomfortable towering over most of their friends, colleagues, the teachers of their children, people in a crowd, and in some cases their significant others. Some of these clients are tall (5ft 9 and taller), but some are regular height (around 5ft 6). 

After thinking about it, I realized that wearing heels so that you’re taller than most is a lot like defying your environmental norm. Blending in by keeping your height closer to the heights of those around you can make you feel more at ease, less self-conscious and more confident. 

At 5ft 6, I’m not a tall person. Back in the day when I occasionally wore three inch heels I don’t remember feeling too tall in them. Do you feel too tall in heels?