Most fashion bloggers, street style celebrities, movie stars, and models are photographed wearing heels of three inches and higher. That’s fine, and they look fabulous wearing their heels. But you can look every bit as fab in flats. 

As recently as five years ago, a dressy look without heels was considered a complete compromise, not the ideal way to go, and to some fashion professionals — a faux pas. Heels magically elevate your style.

  • They make you look taller
  • They increase the vertical integrity of an outfit
  • They create a professional and dressier look
  • They elongate the leg line, which is traditionally flattering
  • They accentuate calf muscles, which looks alluring
  • They improve posture

YES. Heeled footwear can do all these wonderful things. But heels can also be fussy, overly dressy, slow you down, make you feel too tall, look wrong in an outfit, and above all, feel uncomfortable.

Fortunately, fashion has finally come around to flat footwear and gone are the days when heels were the only way to amp up your style. Comfortable footwear has been making a trendy statement for several seasons, and thankfully there’s no stopping the momentum. Flat footwear is on trend, stylish and modern.  

Those who are tall, relatively long in the leg, and/or lead a casual lifestyle probably find it easier to have a style sans heels. That said, if you are neither tall nor long in the leg, and lead a dressier lifestyle, don’t let that deter you from wearing a less-than-one-inch heel, and here’s why:

  • DRESSY flats do exist. You can absolutely create a professional appearance in upscale flats when the rest of the outfit is dressy and polished. 
  • You can manipulate outfit proportions so that your legs look longer in flats by sporting bottoms at a flattering length, showcasing the waist with a tucked or semi-tucked top, and wearing a column of colour. 
  • Wearing flats that are low contrast to your skin tone elongate the leg line. 
  • Pointy toe boxes elongate the leg line. 
  • Career wear dresses and skirts can look great with dressy flats when the hemlines are slightly shorter. 

You can’t increase your height or accentuate your calf muscles in flats, but you shouldn’t feel that you have to. Make a statement and ROCK YOUR FLATS if they make you and your feet happy. That’s empowering, and will effortlessly improve your posture. 

I’m at the stage where I’m in one inch flats or very low one and half inch heels most of the time and making it part of my signature style. I don’t like footwear that’s lower than an inch because they feel unsupportive and too close to the ground. Higher than one and half inches usually hurts the balls of my feet and makes my arches ache (although I do make the exception for the occasional pair of “sitting shoes”). I’m a dressy person, so dressy flats are becoming my thing. Here are some dressier outfits with flats that I found inspiring.

THE ROW Adam Metallic Elaphe LoafersCEFINN Cropped Stretch-wool Slim-leg Pants GIANVITO ROSSI Portofino Leather SandalsCHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Vinodo Bow-embellished Patent-leather Ballet Flats