After divulging which Furla bag earned a spot in my wardrobe, some of our forum members asked if I would share how I “choose my greys” since the neutral comes in countless shades and it’s my least favourite colour. Of course, I’m happy to oblige. 

First, of all the greys I like a pearl grey best because it’s softer, brighter and prettier than darker greys to my eye. The lightness is also consistent with my light hair and pale complexion. I add a little of it to my wardrobe because it comes in handy as a light neutral that I can remix with white, brights, light blue denim, ink blue, seafoam, and warm neutrals like toffee and gold. 

Second, the light grey items I choose to wear have to be textured in some way so that they look less flat. You can see in the collection here that both of my pearl grey pullovers have stitch interest. My moto jeans are marled which adds depth to the light grey denim. And my new grey Furla bag, made of textured leather, has gold hardware that adds a good dose of life and warmth to the grey. I wouldn’t have bought the grey bag if it had silver hardware. 

Third, I think of silver as “my grey” because it’s like pearl grey on steroids and extra bright. I have two pairs of silver shoes and a silver belt. I would probably have added a silver bag to my handbag capsule this year if the grey Furla had not found me. As it turns out, it’s a better option than a silver bag because the gold hardware makes it more versatile, much like a mixed metal piece of jewellery.

Example 1

Example 2

I am not adding any more dark grey to my wardrobe because it feels dull and lifeless when I wear it. That said, I have three old dark grey pieces that I still wear and that make me happy. But again, they’re textured in some way so they don’t feel dull:

  1. Charcoal Pinstripe Suit: I wear this with brights and white.
  2. Charcoal Micro Check Slouchy Trousers: Again, I wear these with brights and white to liven things up. 
  3. Charcoal Tweed Equestrian Jacket: The bright cognac elbow patches and ombré buttons stole my heart. I like wearing it with blue, white and gold jeans.

Example 3

Example 4

Example 5

Unlike me, most of my clients like to wear grey. They think it’s an easy and handy neutral to have in their closet, as well as a little different from black, white and navy. Clients with salt and pepper hair or grey hair look fantastic in grey, and I absolutely encourage them to wear all shades of grey across many wardrobe items. Some of my brunette and blonde clients with bright blue eyes look great in grey because their eyes liven up the grey. 

Over to you. Do you wear grey, and which shade is best?