I fell in love with Furla products last year when I brought back a turquoise Piper dome satchel from Hong Kong and a citron wallet from London. The workmanship of their items is absolutely beautiful, and their sleek and simple silhouettes are a cut above the rest. Gorgeous matte gold hardware and handbag lining too. Structured, yet smart casual. Classic, yet modern. Strict, yet playful. Versatile, ladylike and with a high longevity factor. The bags are also lightweight and surprisingly robust. I travelled with my Furla tote for an entire month last year — it was part of my travel capsule — and it still looks new. And the best part about Furla bags is that there are plenty of fun colours and gorgeous neutrals across the variety of styles. 

There’s a fabulous Furla bag assortment on deep discount at Neiman Marcus Last Call right now. I’ve collected some below, but haven’t exhausted the colour and style options. I’ve seen some of them in person and they did not disappoint! 

It was Chinese New Year when I bought my turquoise Piper dome satchel in Hong Kong last year. Because Hong Kong is close to my heart, and because I LOVE handbags, I thought I’d add another Furla bag this year to celebrate Chinese New Year. Here’s a shortlist of three that I have at home. They are ALL versatile for my style and wardrobe and I adore them all equally.  It’s going to be a trick whittling it down to one. Greg has whittled it down to two favourites so far. I’d love to have your input too: Which of the three do you like best for my style?