Spring tweed jackets are textured, cotton-rich, lightweight and interesting. And you can wear them well into Summer in air-conditioned settings. As often happens, the item is a modern classic having its trendy moment. It’s fun when that happens. 

A Spring and Summer tweed jacket is often easier to fit and wear than a Fall and Winter version because it’s softer, lighter and drapier. Spring tweed usually follows the contour of the body making the silhouette work for all sorts of body types. Of course, some styles are softer and draper than others, and you have to choose your silhouette quite carefully. You probably don’t want a very cropped, stiff, button-through and boxy version because those don’t seem to make any of my clients happy. Ideally, you’re after a slightly longer silhouette with some shape in a SOFT tweed. That said, the longer and boxier versions work well in moto silhouettes, while the shorter lengths work well in fitted silhouettes. Again, good drape is key in this silhouette, so look for that above everything else. 

Many of the styles are collarless, although some have revere collars, shawl collars and drape-front collars. I like Spring tweed jackets best in light neutrals, but they can work in any colour. Many of the styles have fringe detailing, which is what makes them particularly fashionable at the moment. Some are lined and others not. Some are patterned and others are solid. The Chanel-esque silhouettes look extra ladylike, while the moto styles look more masculine. Spring tweed in a fitted blazer silhouette looks the most classic to my eye. 

Remember that irregular outfit juxtaposition is an ongoing theme in modern fashion, so the Spring tweed jacket needn’t look precious and overly girly. You don’t need to wear it with a dressy pair of trousers or skirt, although that’s a beautiful look too. Check out these street style examples that put Spring tweed through their stylish paces.

Tweed Jacket Street Style

The weather is only just beginning to warm up here in Seattle, but many of my clients have been drawn to the semi-fitted and fitted Spring tweed jacket both for smart casual and business casual dress codes. I guess they are craving structure and tailoring after seasons of baggy and relaxed fits.

I was drawn to the Spring tweed jacket right away because it looks Soft, Pretty and Modern Retro to my eye, which is in line with my current style goals. It also looks FRESH.

I went for one from J.Crew with an ink blue zipper down the centre front. The zipper makes a statement when the jacket is left open, and this is how I will wear it most often. Great with white and blue cropped straight leg jeans and silver belt and footwear. A roundup of Spring tweed jackets will follow later today with some suggestions about the silhouettes that work for different body types.

Will you wear a Spring tweed jacket?