I have particularly dry skin, especially on my face, but have managed to keep it healthy and flake-free for years thanks to one trick and a few wonderful products. It took a while to hit the right regimen, but I’m pleased to have found it. Here’s the rundown of my daily routine.

  • Cleanse ONCE a day: I use my facial cleanser at night to remove dirt and make-up, but in order to retain the natural oils, I only wash my face with water in the morning. It’s AMAZING how moisture-retaining this little trick has been.
  • Nivea Body Wash & Body Lotion: I’ve been using Nivea body lotion most of my life because it agrees with my sensitive skin. Soap — no matter how moisturizing — tends to dry out my skin so I use Nivea moisturizing body wash instead. I slather on Nivea body lotion after I’ve dried off because it’s the combination of the two products that is extra effective. I like their scents, but they might not agree with you. 
  • Eucerin Anti-Wrinkle Creme for Sensitive Skin: I’m dubious of the anti-wrinkle properties of cosmetics, but I use this product twice a day because the texture is divine and it soothes my skin. It’s very moisturizing, and works well with the sunscreen that I apply over the top. 
  • Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer: I only recently discovered this product and it has been a game changer for my skin. I used to use Laura Mercier’s regular tinted moisturizer and applied a little jojoba oil over the top to create a dewy appearance because I enjoy the look of shiny skin. I don’t need to do that with the illuminating formula because it makes my skin look shiny without the oil. 
  • Jurlique Hand Cream: For very sentimental reasons I use jasmine and rose scented hand creams for my hands. 
  • Vicks VapoRub: On some nights I rub a little Vicks on the cracked heels of my feet and cover them with socks before I go to bed. Surprisingly, it seems to work better than foot creams. 

I also use lip balm before I apply lipstick, to prevent my lips from cracking. And I enjoy kneading pastry dough because butter makes your hands look great.

Over to you. Which are your favourite tricks and products to combat dry skin?