I recently switched from Laura Mercier’s regular tinted moisturizer to the illuminating version, and I LOVE it. If you have normal to dry skin and like your complexion to look “shiny like an apple”, or dewy as some describe the texture, try this tinted moisturizer. It’s beautifully shiny, but not at all greasy. I apply it on top of regular moisturizer and sunscreen, and feel fresh all day. 

This is a moisturizer, and not a foundation, which means that the coverage is subtle. It will even out your skin tone but does not hide blemishes, scars, pigmentation or burst blood vessels. Personally, I prefer to wear less coverage because it looks more natural, matches the skin on my neck, and doesn’t stain my collar. I also like shiny skin because I think it looks healthy. But if you’re after a matte finish with lots of coverage, or have oily skin, this is not the cosmetic for you.