I’m in the minority in that I do not wear sandals in hot weather. I do like my feet and have regular pedicures so it’s not about hiding them. I love the look of sandals on others and have fun shopping for sandals with my clients. It’s hard to explain why I don’t wear them other than that I simply prefer the look of a closed toe for my style. I’ll fit on a sandal in stores and like it. Then I’ll fit on a breezy closed toe Summer shoe and love it. And we have to go with the items we love. 

Before we had glorious hot Summer weather in Seattle, I also used to find sandals too breezy for my climate. My toes would get cold, especially in air conditioning. That, however, has not been the case over the last two seasons because of unseasonably warm temperatures. So instead of sporting loafers, slipper flats or pumps like I usually do on mild Summer days, I wear closed shoes that are ultra breezy, like closed toe shoes with open heels or perforated closed shoes. Cut-out booties and d’Orsay styles are another way to go. Some styles are a hybrid of these options, like the perforated cut-out bootie and d’Orsay pump.

Closed Toe Shoes With Open Heels

As the collection below illustrates, the toe boxes are closed while the heel of the shoe is cut away, thereby ventilating the foot from the back. Think ankle strap flats or pumps, and mules. Sling back pumps are another option, but the straps tend to slide off the back of the heel without the security of an ankle strap. 

Perforated Closed Shoes

You’re after any style of shoe that covers the foot with a perforated material. Think pumps, oxfords, loafers, sneakers, booties and flats. The perforated holes allow your feet to breath without exposing them. Very ventilating. 

Cut-Out Booties & Oxfords 

This option provides a little more coverage, but covers less area of the foot than a regular bootie or oxford. Not as ventilating as the first two options, but breezy nonetheless. Of course, these styles have to be worn without socks to keep your feet cool. 

D’orsay Flats & Pumps

The dressiest option of the lot because the d’Orsay cut-out detailing is subtle, especially when the cut-out is only on one side of the shoe. You might need to size down half a size to keep this style from slipping off your feet. 

I like to protect my toes with coverage when I’m doing lots of city walking, which makes breezy closed toe footwear a better option than sandals. Toe coverage also keeps your feet a little cleaner when you’re out and about. And last, breezy closed toe footwear is one way to go in work environments with closed toe footwear dress codes. 

Over to you. Does anyone else like to wear covered footwear in the Summer?