Last week I had a free skin consultation at the medical spa attached to my dermatologist’s office. The aesthetician knew about my tendency for extra dry facial skin and knew about the skincare products I was using (these were suggested by my dermatologist). It was an excellent experience and I wish I had done it much earlier. 

The aesthetician recommended two new products to add to my simple skin regimen of cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen. One was an addition and the other a replacement for the vitamin C serum I’ve been using for a couple of years. But the aesthetician’s best tip was to NOT cleanse my face in the morning. Splashing it with water and applying the right products thereafter retains its natural oils and results in a more dewy complexion. Cleansing my face to remove dirt and makeup in the evening was more than enough for my skin type. 

The thought of not cleansing my face in the morning sounded awfully grimy to me. But I did what was recommended, and I’m amazed at the positive results. My facial skin looks and feels much more hydrated, soft and moist. And since I love the look of shiny skin, I welcome the extra shine that has accompanied the new one-cleanse-a-day routine. 

You too might like to leave out the morning cleanse if your facial skin tends to feel dry. It’s an especially good idea in Winter when the heat is on 24/7 for months at a time, drying out your skin even further.