This ensemble was inspired by my own wardrobe pieces and my love for the combination of tomato red, light blue and white. Since the blue is light, the combination is less nautical and less evocative of the American flag than it would be with a darker blue. There are many ways to combine the palette and I’ve started the ball rolling with four examples. None of these ensembles are particularly dressy, but they are quite versatile. Faded denim can be used as the light blue component of the ensemble, and white footwear is an easy way to incorporate the white accents. I’ve chosen solids, but feel free to incorporate patterns that work with the palette. 

Red Pants & Denim Shirt

Pair red trousers with a faded denim, chambray or light blue shirt. Tuck or partially tuck the shirt into the trousers, and finish off the look with white belt, footwear and bag. I’ve chosen high-vamped white loafers because they look trendier than pumps when combined with ankle length tuxedo trousers. 

Red Skirt & Light Blue Sweater

Pair a red skirt with a light blue sweater and finish off the outfit with white heels and bag. I’ve chosen a cropped sweater to wear with the A-line skirt, but feel free to wear a longer welted style. By all means pair a pencil skirt with a roomy light blue sweater that’s partially tucked in front. Or switch out the sweater for a light blue blouse, shirt or tee. Ankle strap pumps look particularly elegant with a midi skirt so that’s my top choice. 

Red Top & Faded Jeans 

Pair a red pullover or blouse with faded blue jeans. Add white footwear and bag and Bob’s your uncle. I’ve chosen a roomy sweater with an asymmetrical hem to wear untucked over a pair of denim flares for a fun ‘70s vibe. But choose any style of faded blue jeans and match them with a red top that works with the style. I’ve chosen white pumps because heels work best with flared leg openings. 

Blue top, White Jeans and Red Bag

If you like the idea of tomato red, but want to keep its visual impact to a minimum, choose it as the accent colour. Allow the light blue and white to do the talking. Pair white jeans with a light blue blouse, shirt or pullover. Add white shoes, metallic shoes, or colour blocked black and white shoes. The red bag is all you need in the tomato red department. Turn the outfit upside down and wear faded blue jeans with a white top, white shoes and red bag. Add jewellery, eyewear and watch as desired. 

Pair a red dress with a faded denim jacket. Pop a red jacket over a column of faded denim. Combine red trousers with a white top and light blue jacket, like denim, wool or seersucker. There are many ways to wear this colour palette.

Ensemble: Tomato Red, Light Blue & White