This ensemble was inspired by an outfit from the Gap’s 2015 Spring collection. Combine citron or chartreuse with olive and cognac. The combination looks particularly fresh with denim, which complements the warm palette with a cool shade of blue. 

Gap Catalog

Citron might not be a colour that you want to wear close to your face, so I’m showing two different approaches. The outfit on the left features citron as a statement, whereas the others feature citron as a more subtle accent. Feel free to substitute citron with chartreuse, which is an earthier, dirtier and greener version of citron.

Statement Citron 

The casual rendition is similar to the outfit on the Gap model. Combine a citron pullover with a pair of blue jeans, and finish off the outfit with an olive scarf, olive jacket and cognac footwear. The cognac belt is optional. I’ve chosen a cognac bag to tie in with the booties, but choose any colour that works with the palette.

Substitute the pullover with a shirt or tee if that’s more your style. Choose a different style of olive topper if parkas aren’t your thing. A citron coat over a citron pullover will make an even bolder colour statement.  

Subtle Citron 

The dressier renditions are appropriate for a business casual office. I’ve chosen black bottoms to make the outfits more accessible. Pair a black skirt or pair of trousers with an olive blouse or pullover in a solid or a pattern. Complete the outfit with black footwear, hosiery as needed and a topper in either cognac or chartreuse.

The centre outfit showcases a cognac suede jacket with a solid drape front olive blouse. The outfit on the right combines a patterned olive and cognac pullover with a chartreuse houndstooth jacket. The citron is represented by the handbag. Finish off the look with jewellery, eyewear, headgear and watch as desired. 

Feel free to combine the colour palette in any way at all. A pair of olive pants or olive skirt looks great with a citron top and cognac footwear. Or leave out the olive, like I will, and wear citron with denim and cognac.

Ensemble: Citron, Olive & Cognac@2x