This ensemble was inspired by an outfit Lupita Nyong’o wore for air travel. It’s casual, easy to pull together, and one my Mom-on-the-go clients in particular will enjoy sporting for Spring. It’s also a practical outfit to wear for car and plane travel. Simple, structured, comfortable and relaxed. 

The part that makes the outfit comfortable is the knitted fabric of the blazer, which is soft and stretchy. Knitted blazers are especially good for broad shoulders and/or a full bust because they give those areas of the body a little more room. Layering a soft tee under the jacket makes the outfit even more cozy. 

Choose any colour palette and feel free to add patterns. Here are the components: 

Bottoms: Think jeans in any style and colour that tickles your fancy. Boyfriends, straight legs, skinnies, bootcuts or flares are all good. Leather or pleather leggings are another option, as are knitted Ponte pants. A denim skirt could be cute too. 

Top: Think solid big tees in a fluid fit, or throw in a fun graphic tee. A form fitting tee is fine too. The extra length of the big tee is ideal worn untucked over leggings. Or partially tuck the front with jeans. I’ve chosen black and white tees because they are the most common, but any colour is fab, as long as it works with the knit blazer. 

Knit Blazer: Knit blazers can be solid or patterned. Their structure provides ample waist definition over a big tee. Some knit blazers have fun lining, like the citron lining on the grey Gap blazer below, which can be turned up on the collar and sleeves. Leave the jacket open for maximum comfort. 

If knit blazers aren’t your thing, substitute a woven blazer in an all-season wool, cotton or linen blend. 

Footwear: Add on trend footwear to make the outfit look current. I’ve chosen booties, slip-on sneakers and cut-out oxfords, but there are many options. Think slipper flats, loafers, d’Orsays, pointy toe wedges, peep-toe booties, or casual caged sandals. Make sure the footwear works with the bottoms. 

Accessories: Finish off the outfit with a tote, cross body, mini backpack, bucket bag or bowling bag. Feel free to add a scarf or belt. Add jewellery, eyewear and watch as desired. 

I bet some of you will be able to shop your closets to put together this look. Hope to see your renditions in the forum.

Knit Blazer with Casual Pants