This outfit formula is about mixing shades of olive with shades of pink. Olive can be light or dark, and is pretty earthy. I’ve also added chartreuse to the ensemble because to my mind, chartreuse is like a brighter and more sour version of olive. Think any shade of pink when mixing it with tones of olive. From the prettiest pale pink and blush, to mid-tones, shocking pink, neon and fuchsia. 

I kept black out of the formula and used shades of brown for neutrals. From chocolate and cognac, to taupe and tan. Combining shades of white as neutrals will also work. Of course, black footwear is an easy bookending substitution when you have black hair.

Here are the components. There’s a dressier outfit on the left and a more casual rendition on the right.

Bottoms: Think jeans, dressy trousers, cropped pants, casual pants, or a skirt in a shade of olive. By all means throw in camouflage print, a pinstripe, jacquard, subtle self-colour pattern, or false plain. 

Tops: Think knitwear, upscale sweatshirts, shirts, blouses, knitted tops, peplums, crop tops and tees, in any shade of pink. Make sure the top works with the bottoms you’ve selected. I like both bright and softer pinks with olive. Belts are optional. Wear one that matches the colour of the top, bottom, footwear or bag. 

Toppers: The style of topper depends on the outfit and climate. Blazers, motos, wool coats, trench coats, cropped jackets, cocoon styles, drapey styles, anything at all. 

There are many options for topper colour. Keep it pink to match the pink of the top. Wear a topper in olive (the olives in the outfit do not need to be the same.) Throw in a chartreuse topper because it’s a bright form of olive and complements the pink. Dark brown, tan and taupe toppers work too. Or choose a topper in a shade of white. 

Footwear: A shade of brown is an easy match, as is black to bookend black hair. Lighter neutrals like taupe, tan and white are pretty. And don’t forget the versatility of metallics. 

Accessories: Brown, taupe, tan and white bags are great, and feel free to match them to the colour of your shoes. Metallics are another option. A blush bag is fab if you’re wearing a lighter or darker shade of pink on top. An olive bag will work too. Throw in a scarf that picks up some of the colours of the outfit, or wear one that’s tonal with the top. Finish off the outfit with jewellery, watch, hat and eyewear as desired. 

Ensemble: Olive & Pink

Feel free to turn the formula upside down by sporting pink on the bottom and olive on top. 

We’re used to matching pink with grey, which is a classic combination. Why not sport pink with olive and grey, which is why I added the silver oxford into the ensemble. Of course, metallics are neutrals and gold will work too.