I frequently mention semi and faux tucking tops, assuming that the distinction between them was clear. But judging by the number of questions I’ve received, that wasn’t a good assumption. So here’s what I mean, with some examples to illustrate. 

The Semi Tuck

This is when you tuck only one section of your top into the front of jeans, trousers, shorts or a skirt. The tops are usually a little fluid or oversized, although tailored tops can sometimes also work. T-shirts, knitted tops, blouses, button-down shirts and un-welted knitwear semi tuck very effectively. The photos below illustrate the concept to perfection. Semi tucking works well with waistbands that are mid to low rise. I find semi tucking less attractive with high rises, although it’s not a fashion faux pas. Belting a semi tucked top adds a great finishing touch.

TEXTILE Elizabeth and James Jacket, Jeans, Majestic Teerag & bone JEAN Jacket Leather Pants

Lightweight Merino V-Neck SweaterJ.Crew Tuxedo Shirt

The Faux Tuck

This is a term I invented for an alternative to the semi tuck. It only works when the top has a welt (a wide band on the hem) and you need to be wearing a belt. You create the faux tuck by resting the welt on the front section of the belt. You are barely tucking anything at all, but the belt will keep the top in place.

I have faux tucked welted tops in the outfits below. Again, faux tucking works best with waistbands that are mid to low rise. 

I’ve found that knitwear and fleece are great fabrications for faux tucking because of their excellent drape. Silky fabrications with ribbed welts faux tuck pretty well too, despite being lightweight. Flimsy T-shirt fabric drapes less well and therefore isn’t great for the faux tuck.




So you don’t need a welt to semi tuck, but you DO need a welt to faux tuck.

I do not semi tuck tops because the visual effect doesn’t work with my personal style. Instead, I faux tuck my pullovers. The effect is tidier and more dressy, which is a better match with my personality. I am just too neat by nature to make the semi tuck feel right in my outfits. That said, I do love the semi tucked look on others and most of my clients enjoy semi tucking their tops. In fact, semi and faux tucking have turned around many of my formerly belt-phobic clients, who now happily wear belts. This style of casual tucking has been revolutionary, refreshing many a personal style, and, I’m sure, increasing belt sales in the process.

Who is semi tucking and who is faux tucking? And who has yet to try either style of casual tucking?