This is a special casual Summer outfit because I associate it with a priceless memory. I wore it on the afternoon of my birthday a few weeks ago when we took Rosie to West Seattle for a quiet stroll in her favourite secluded park. Afterwards, Greg, Rosie and I had fish ‘n chips in the car, overlooking the Seattle skyline on a glorious hot and sunny day. Yesterday, we went back to the beach alongside Rosie’s Park to take these photos. It was a tranquil and cathartic couple of hours as we continue to grieve the loss of our precious little Yorkie

Stripes Close

The bottoms are Gap’s Long & Leans flared jeans that I hacked into shorts last year. I bat for Team Long Shorts so I created a wider rolled up cuff and kept the length over the knee. They are my current favourite casual shorts because they’re roomier and less tapered than cut-off skinnies. I definitely needed this change as I give my clamdiggers a break. There is something tomboy about casual long shorts that takes me back to happy times when I was a child in the ’70s. I climbed trees and built a treehouse in cut-off denim jeans that looked a lot like these. The length is not everyone’s cup of tea as most prefer to wear shorter shorts. But the length works for me and I guess I’m also nostalgic about it too.

Sailing Boat

Off in the Distance


The top is new and a gift from Greg. As I mentioned previously, I like the oh-so-trendy and sassy fleece sweatshirt, but it does not gel with my style. Fleece tops make me feel like I’m wearing pajamas, and not in a good way. So I’ve adapted the trend by choosing sporty pullovers that are cut like fashionable upscale sweatshirts, but made of more refined fabric. The mesh stripe sweater from Karen Millen fits the bill perfectly. It’s made of viscose polyester and drapes like a dream. The blocked raglan insets and keyhole back opening amp up the “pretty”, while the welt makes it faux-tuck friendly. It’s my favourite casual Summer top by far. Although I’m still besotted with polka dots, I have moved over to Team Stripe.

Asia Minor

Shoulder Bag

The white belt adds a modern crispness to the faded cut-offs. The Converse high-tops continue the sporty integrity of the outfit. The sneakers aren’t a leg lengthening choice, especially when coupled with the longer length of the shorts. Wearing shorter shorts and low vamp shoes or sandals would have created a more flattering leg line. Yet, I don’t feel dumpy and stumpy in this combination. In fact, I feel fab. The white sneaks are low contrast against my pale skin, which together with the tucked top help prevent that short-legged feeling.

I never tie the laces of my high-tops. I tuck them away to create a looser fit around the ankle which is more comfortable. These high-tops are my casual Summer booties and I thoroughly enjoy wearing them. 

Jacket - Close

Jacket - Full

It’s often breezy by the water so I’m never without a topper. I like my old black moto with the outfit because it’s casual, yet structured, lightweight and it has worn nicely with age. It’s a fun juxtaposition against the graphic boldness of the rugby stripe. I finished off the outfit with an equally old slouchy and sporty hobo bag, a silver watch and wedding ring, and my prescription Ray-Bans. 

This type of outfit will take me on Summer walks and urban hikes. Breezy, casual, comfortable and ready for action.