When harem pants started surfacing in stores in 2008, I did not fancy the look at all. I couldn’t get my head around that dropped crotch point. 

Then I went to Israel in 2009 and saw many women, across a variety of ages and body types, wear harem pants with sass and panache. I was mesmerized by their easy chic in this drapey and slouchy style. The penny dropped, and I started to notice how interesting and attractive the lines were when the drape is right, and when they are paired with a flattering top or topper. Hip, comfortable and arty. Shame on me for being closed minded about the style in the first place. Styles do grow on you once you see them in stylish action.

So I came back home, ate my words, and bought a pair of silky harem pants as soon as I found a pair that fit the bill. Granted, mine are silky and dressy, which made them better suited to my style. Here on YLF I have worn them casually with denim, with a tuxedo blazer, and with boots and a jacket. The possibilities are endless, and I look forward to wearing my harem pants each year when the weather warms up. 

We see a varied assortment of harem pants every season, but the trend remains fringe, and I doubt it will go mainstream. I don’t think of the item as trendy or fashion forward anymore. Instead I think of harem pants as avant-garde and therefore always in style. Change up their support act to keep the integrity of the silhouette fresh and current, and you’re in business. For that reason, I will never let go of my harem pants. Plus, I love them, and enjoy how they pouf out when I sit down. 

Clearly I vote yay. But very few of my clients and friends will give the style a glance, let alone try it on and like the look. After four years, there is still little love for a silhouette that is thought of as unflattering, silly, and not remotely fun or chic. What’s your verdict? Has the style grown on you too?

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