“Two-piece dresses” were shown in Spring and Fall 2013 runway collections. I’ve pinned a plaid example, a textured and colourblocked example, and a soft example which provide good visuals of the concept, as do the pictures below. 

Simply put, a two-piece dress is an outfit made up of a matchy-matchy top and skirt. The top is NOT a jacket, so it’s not a suit. The top is usually a blouse, shirt, pullover or on-trend sweatshirt. Usually the top is made of the same fabric and pattern as the skirt, but sometimes it’s made of a softer version of the skirt, thereby embracing the mixed media trend. In the white floral example below, the skirt is made of woven silk, and the matching top of a knitted silk blend.  

The skirts can be any style, although pencils reign supreme. The two piece sets are often printed, but solids, false plains and texture-rich versions are other options. 

Whatever the combination of top and bottom, it’s like you’re wearing a dress that’s been split at the waist to create two pieces, which is how the look gets its name. The concept has several advantages:

  • It’s easier to fit a two piece dress when you wear different sizes on the top and bottom.
  • Sleeved options are more abundant.
  • There is extra mix and match versatility because you can wear the pieces with other separates.
  • Fit can be more forgiving on the midsection because of a structured skirt waistband and untucked top.
  • In some ways, the visual effect of two pieces is more interesting than a one-piece dress, and almost makes you do a double take. Look at that dress! No, it’s a skirt and top. No it’s a dress! What is it? 

I love this trend and I think it works well in both Summery and Wintery fabrications. I’m drawn to the concept because the combinations with pullover and long sleeved top are warmer and more substantial than most dresses. Most frocks, even Winter styles, are still pretty flimsy and lightweight, which doesn’t work for my climate or lifestyle. I’d welcome a two piece dress into my wardrobe with open arms.

Over to you. What’s your take on the trend?

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