If you are using Google Reader to get your YLF fix then you probably know by now that Google is retiring the RSS feed reading service on July 1, less than a week from now! Hopefully you have already found an alternative feed reader, but if not, there is still time to switch. 

One very easy option that will be ideal for a lot of people, but not all, is a service called Feedly. Feedly offers most of the Google Reader features you probably care about, but if you use Internet Explorer or if you use your feed reader from work where the IT department doesn’t allow you to install browser plugins, then it might not work for you (yet). 

Perhaps the biggest advantage of Feedly is the ease with which you can migrate from Google Reader. They have a one-click migration tool that worked like a charm for me.

Feedly started out as a mobile app. So arguably you get the best experience by using their free Android or iOS (iPhone and iPad) app. When the demise of Google Reader was announced, they also started working on a web version for the millions of people that would be looking for something to replace it. If you use Chrome, Safari or Firefox, then this web version will give you all the features you cared about on Google Reader and then some. It has some nice additional features, like more visual feed layout options and ways to register feeds.

One important point is that making the switch to Feedly (or an alternative) will be much easier before July 1. After that there will still be ways to migrate some of your data but it will definitely be less convenient. 

Of course, you also have several other ways to keep up with YLF if you aren’t into RSS feeds.

  • Daily updates and newsletters via email: We send daily updates for both the Blog and Finds, and a monthly newsletter. You can subscribe to any combination of these email updates.
  • Twitter: Angie sends notifications when she publishes new posts and also tweets some of her thoughts on new trends and what she’s seeing on the street and in stores.
  • Facebook: Angie notifies FB readers about new posts on YLF and also posts some thoughts. Often when what she has to say is a little long for Twitter’s 140 character limit.
  • Pinterest: Angie keeps boards on street style, trends, outfits, items she loves, and of course, Yorkies.

If you have any questions about Google Reader, Feedly, RSS feeds or any of the other options above, please feel free to ask them in the comments and I will do my best to answer.