Recently LG asked me to participate in a project that showcased how I would use their new smartphone, the LG Optimus G Pro, in my work as a fashion stylist. This was a perfect match because my smartphone is an indispensable part of my workday, and an invaluable tool when I work with my clients. So for about 3 weeks I used the new smartphone exclusively and then we captured how I use it in two short videos. 

Creating an efficient wardrobe is hard because it is not only about individual items, but also the whole collection of items in your closet and how they relate to one another. The smartphone is a tool that my clients and I use to record, collect, compare and share items and outfits throughout the process of closet review, shopping and outfit creation. 

Angie & Meredith

Here are a few specific examples of the pictures we take:

  • Existing wardrobe capsules: It’s great to have a flexible shopping list to keep us focused while we shop, but having photos of my clients’ wardrobe capsules on hand is even better. So I snap pictures of the most important capsules during a closet review and refer back to them when we shop. That way we make more informed mixing-and-matching decisions, work within a colour palette, and prevent unnecessary duplications. 
  • Items that need to be replaced: These are my clients’ wardrobe workhorses that are worse for wear but cannot be passed on until there’s a replacement. Having a photo of these items on hand keeps them top of mind. 
  • Items for reference: I snap photos of items that need to be incorporated into an outfit. For example, if we’re looking for a formal frock, but my client wants to use the shoes she has already, I snap a photo of the shoes and make sure they work with the new frock. 
  • Winning items that are put on hold: I cover many brick and mortar stores when shopping with a client. Instead of purchasing potential winning pieces straight away, I snap photos of the items before we put them on hold and move on to the next retailer. That way we have a reference of items we’ve loved that we can remember and compare with other items along the way. 
  • Items we need to find elsewhere: I’ll snap photos of items that were not available in the size and colour we wanted so that we can find them online back home. I’ll also snap photos of items that my clients want to stalk until they go on sale. 
  • Outfits: My clients usually use their own phones and cameras to document the outfits that we create together. But once in a while, I’ll document the outfits with my phone and send them back to the client. 

Occasionally, I’ll shoot a short video of a client wearing an item she’s fitting on in stores so that she can see it in motion. Seeing an item move can make all the difference and I think I will probably do this more in future. The large screen on the LG Optimus G Pro makes this particularly worthwhile. 

Another thing I noticed is that it takes great close-up pictures, not blurring the shot when I took photos of the inside of a shoe from just inches away.

Beyond taking photos and shooting video, the smartphone is also very useful for browsing online stores while we are shopping in brick and mortar stores. Sometimes for price comparison, but more often to look for sizes, silhouettes and colours that aren’t available. And more and more I find myself referring to things like my Pinterest boards while I’m out with a client.

My gorgeous friend and client Meredith, who you’ve met on YLF before, agreed to let us use one of her sessions to shoot video of the smartphone in action. Meredith is a natural in front of the camera and it’s always a pleasure to work with her. A very big thank you to Nordstrom for allowing us to film in their beautiful flagship store, making Meredith and me feel right at home. Enjoy the video!


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