I seldom wear black from head to toe, but did so today as a tribute to New Yorkers and the sea of black outfits that are very much prevalent at Fashion Week.

The typical black ensemble at Fashion Week is a short black dress with sky scraping black heels. This is also the uniform worn by most of the volunteers. My black outfit was different to this norm.

I wore silky harem pants with a sequined blouse and topped it off with a cropped Theory tuxedo jacket (a recent NAS purchase). I turned back the scrunched up sleeves boyfriend blazer style, added pearls and stepped into my Kate Spade crinkle patent pumps. The polka dot London Lulu Guiness completed the look.

Greg particularly liked this outfit, complimenting me a few times during the day. He said that I looked “elegantly edgy”. Thanks, Greg! I appreciate your compliments the most.

As soon as one photographer starts shooting something the others in the vicinity get interested, thinking that it might be a celebrity they missed. So its hilarious when Greg starts taking my picture and others join in.