I was extremely excited to see this show because Georges Chakra’s pret a porter collection, EDITION Georges Chakra, was my favorite of the Fall collections in February. It did not disappoint! And it was the longest runway show we’ve seen. Fashion shows usually last about 10 minutes but the Chakra show went on for double that amount of time. Quite the treat.

When the first 12 dresses came down the runway I was a little disheartened because most of them were a shade of beige or caramel. To me, these colours are quite hard to wear and also don’t translate that effectively on a runway. Since neutrals like these seem to be underpinning most of the shows at Fashion Week this season, I thought that beige was going to be the dominant colour palette of the collection. I’m happy to say that I was wrong.

The sea of beige was soon accompanied by brighter neutrals like black and off white. And right after that there was an explosion of colour that looked magical. Turquoise, citron, purple and a spot of tomato red — some of my favorite colours of all time. My very best runway outfit so far at Fashion Week is Chakra’s turquoise ombre gown. I had to catch my breath when it moved down the runway. Simply stunning and the model showed it to perfection. The collection ended with liquid bronze lamé and what looked like a gold brocade. Very fab.

I have NEVER seen garments drape the way Chakra gowns drape. I am totally mesmerized by the quality of the fabrics, the creativity of the design and the skill of the pattern makers and seamstresses. Chakra pieces are total works of art and I appreciate every square millimeter of them.

The intricacy of the designs was also amazing. Such ornate detailing, crisp definition and refined structure. Delicate strands of piping ran through many of the silhouettes as did crystal beading and exposed zippers. Chakra’s dress shapes were contrasting: short and long, form fitting and flouncy, soft and hard, sleeved and sleeveless. This was one the things I liked most about his collection.

Aside from the beige and caramel in the beginning of the show, the other thing that almost put me off the range was the styling of the models’ hair. I found it unflattering and to a certain degree it took away from the beauty of the gowns. After a few minutes I was focused 100% on the clothing though, and it didn’t matter.

The gold show stopper was magnificent and my second favorite runway moment of this trip. Superb, superb, superb drape. If I could make sure that my bust line was locked and loaded in this gown, I’d want to wear it to the next Oscars — you know, the Oscars I go to in my dreams.